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Content Management for Web Pages, Blogs or Books

Whether you are publishing a book or a website… Kashta Media has a team of Publishing and Literary Agents that provides editorial services including:

  • Proof reading and editing of scripts; whether for books or web content
  • Graphic design: book covers, logos, product branding, CPA Ad Creatives etc.
  • Ebook, ePub (ibooks, kindle etc), Paperback and Hardback book publishing, printing, sales and distribution services
  • Marketing and PR consultancy for promoting your books (all formats)

Publishing Services

Kashta Media’s content management team are highly skilled literary agents, who have many years of experience in the editorial aspects of digital design, product branding, website content as well as book proof-reading, copy-editing, illustrative-design and typesetting. You can be assured that we will work with you to achieve the best possible look, feel and presentation of your product.

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