Public Relations Campaign

“News is what someone does not want you to print – the rest is advertising”
Randolph Hearst


Along with our Marketing Agents, Kashta Media also employs PR Agents that will work with clients to develop and implement comprehensive public relations plans and timelines. Your appointed PR Agent will formulate a plan that fits within your budget, to hit targets within the desired niche verticals and also to promote your company, products and services. The objectives of our promotional efforts will be a bespoke combination of the following:

  • Increase awareness of available services
  • Position your company and its products and services as a positive, vital force in specific Geos and identifying and targeting existing markets
  • Establish viable working B2B partnerships within your industry (or other groups)
  • Increase positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for clients on behalf of Kashta Media as a leader in delivery of quality services
  • Identifying reasonable timelines to achieve the desired goals

Public Relations (PR) Campaign Plan Categories

You can select those areas most appropriate to your organization, and together we will strategize the best use of your available budget.

  • Internal Markets
  • External Markets (current and potential)
  • Open House (Grand Opening)
  • Event Plan Checklist
  • Special Event (Press, Product Launch etc.)
  • Performance Measures
  • Publications
  • Legislative Update
  • Social Media Management
  • Descriptive Brochures
  • Promotional Materials (fliers, posters, banners…)
  • Video Blogs and other online media
  • Photography
  • Appearances, Parades, Tours and Display Opportunities
  • Additional Promotional Ideas
  • Assisting Staff in Promotion Goodwill for the Organisation
  • Staff Recognition
  • Strengthening and Developing Political Relationships
  • News Media Relations

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