A cut above the rest with ‘pay per click’…

Trending Alternatives: Have you ever tried using standard AdWords and PPC (pay per click) tools to market your internet business and failed to achieve desired results? If so, what was your success rate? We have asked this question to many people from all walks of life, and the most resounding answer is 1-3% conversion. That is to say, for every 100 people that clicks and views your page or blog, about 5, at best, actually qualify as sound leads, and yet only 1-3 actually go on to purchase your product or service.

In summary this Cutting

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essay writer cheap Edge Programmatic Technology includes:

  • Automatic Split Testing (between your Ad Creatives)
  • Precision Targeting (based on your keywords)
  • Conversion “Heat Seeker” Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (thinks and analyzes like an expert human would)
  • Intuitive Control Panel (Mobile Responsive)

Now, what if our system is much more advanced than conventional ‘pay per click’ and ‘cost per action’ systems and can scale results between 10-20% conversion (or even higher); would you be interested in finding out more? Of course you would. Especially if it were even more cost effective (cheaper) than traditional PPC/CPA campaigns. In fact, we do not even charge CPM (‘cost per impression’). In addition (at no extra charge) our system will re-present your Ads to viewers indefinitely, until the campaign ends.

Amazing right? Well say no more, the answers are here. Our system uses the world’s most advanced and cost effective Programmatic Marketing Technology. We utilize online Artificial Intelligence marketing platforms created by our trusted partners.

Furthermore, the technologies think and strategize like an expert human marketer would, by scaling up Ad variations and placements that perform the best and redacting those that aren’t as lucrative.

For instance, we can create up to 12 Text Ads and also 12 Image Ads (each with 3x 4 size-variation) per campaign in and around the same product and/or service. We will also determine up to 20 keywords that best describes your business, product or service. The program will intelligently study the trends and determine which of your Ads is most successful; then automatically further optimizes them whilst pulling the others back. And it does all this automatically and naturally based on the conditions of the market.

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