Customizing funnels and auto responders…

Landing pages with a twist: At Kashta Media we utilize several different mediums of lead generation protocols including the capability of split-testing the performances of landing pages and intro video-blogs. After all, leads (clients/customers) are the life-blood of any business. But it is not just about capturing names and email addresses. Our technology can also optimise the performance and regularity of auto responders in order to scale up conversion.

In addition, we also have access to databases with over 1 Billion contacts – all of which can be specifically and demographically targeted, whether through direct email interaction or by our CPA methods. Put another way, all our technologies at Kashta Media are designed to communicate with clients as if actually speaking to them verbally and/or mentally. With our Programmatic Artificial Intelligence Technology (PAIT), the software can also spin Text-Ads in such ways that appeals to the emotional side of potential customers. That is to say, re-write Text-Ads automatically and re-present them to customers either via direct email interaction or by CPA methods.

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